Asian Markets in the last day (05/11/2010) of the last week has performed very well following the Fed's announcement. Moreover, Indian Indices and Stock Markets are performing very well whenever the Global Markets failed and hence every market is to follow us.

Asian Markets are closed very nicely gaining the lot of points as mentioned below:

1) Hang Seng - 24877 - Up 1.39%
2) Nikkei 225 - 9626 - Up 2.86%
3) SSE Composite - 3130 - Up 1.38%
4) Strait Times- 3240 -Up 0.48%.

FORECASTS : We can expect a lot of up movement in the days of week as US President visiting India and expected to pronounce too many economic cooperation dealings. By virtue of that Indian Markets are expected to hit the top. It has already reached the all time high.